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Prevention Department

The Lighthouse Prevention Department has been in existence for over 10 years. We are a community based program serving the community with a large focus being youth who are considered ‘at risk’ to the exposure of ATOD (Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs), as well as HIV prevention through testing and post test education. Our services are not only geared towards prevention in youth, but adults as well. We serve youth and adults residing in the catchment areas of Elmore, Lowndes, and Montgomery Counties. We have had other programs in the past which focused on Mentoring, HIV Education, and Child Neglect & Abuse prevention. Over the years the department has changed its area of focus but working on prevention in the community has remained the same.

Our specialty areas include:


Underage Drinking Prevention Program

This is an Alabama Department of Mental Health funded program that allows us to provide Environmental Prevention Strategies to communities at risk to the exposure or use of alcohol with emphasis on underage drinking. In past years, we have focused on a variety of strategies to promote the prevention of substance use and abuse in youth. However, over the course of the last few years, the focus of the Department of Mental Health/Substance Abuse Division has implemented a shift to focusing on the environment.

Through the Environmental Strategy, we are focused on the cause and the conditions of the community. Specifically, we work within a specific community to promote environmental change on issues that have been considered the ‘norm’ within that particular community (i.e. underage drinking, under age purchasing of alcohol). Youth are actively involved in this process and take responsibility in promoting change within their community.

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HIV Testing and Post Test Education Program

The HIV Testing and Post Test Education Program is possible because of the Alabama Department of Public Health (provide test kits) and AIDS Alabama (provide funding for Post Test Education/Counseling) that allows for consumers and the community to receive free and confidential HIV Testing. Consumers and the community are also provided post test education and counseling services. Referral services are available for any consumer or community member who may test positive.

Our services are extended to the general public at no cost. Persons who are interested in obtaining an HIV Test can receive a free and confidential HIV test along with education and counseling here at our agency. Call for an appointment on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm and Thursdays from 1pm to 5pm.

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Other Prevention Resources

Education is Prevention

Throughout the year, the Prevention Department is active within the community providing presentations to various organizations, schools, churches, and civic groups. We are dedicated to providing the community with awareness of the different types of prevention education programs that we offer. This is mostly accomplished through health fairs, national observance days, and various events that are sponsored by our community partners.

Some of our community awareness activities include:

National Prevention Week (May)

National HIV Testing Day (June 27)

National Recovery Month (September)

World AIDS Day (December 1)

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